Menomana is the game to break the taboo on the transition. It is for executives, HR staff, for women between the ages of 45-60 and anyone else interested in the transition.


Menomana is a team game, a team consists of 2 to 6 players. You carry out various assignments with the team. Throwing the dice determines the assignments to be played.

There are five different types of commands:

• knowledge assignments, to learn more about the transition and the effects it can have.

• creativity assignments, which stimulate creativity in the organisation.

• taboo breakers, these ensure that the players talk openly with each other and exchange experiences.

• lifestyle assignments, which are about healthy eating and sufficient exercise.

• exit cards, with these cards the game team reflects on its own work situation.


The aim is to complete the puzzle and collect as many Doñas as possible.


In total there are more than 100 mission cards. This makes Menomana a game that can be played many times.


Count on about 1-1.5 hours for a game session.

Development process

Menomana has been tested in different settings. By individual people, groups of women and in the workplace in a mixed team.

For the knowledge questions there is collaboration with Stichting Vuurvrouw, for the creativity assignments with the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and for the lifestyle assignments with lifestyle coach Imre Krull.


The game can be played “solo”, that is, it can be played directly in the organization. The designer can also be hired as a game leader, the advantage is that all players can then optimally participate and more information can be given in parts. There is also a “train the trainer” supply in development, with which some people in the workplace are trained as game leaders.

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