Menopause Doll

Barbie turned 60 this year, it is time to adjust her body to her age. A line of Barbies in menopause, based on existing models.

Barbie in menopause is an ode to the aging female body. Be aware! Barbies in menopause will appear in various places in the public space the coming year. By using an icon like Barbie and combining it with the theme ’the menopause’, I am seeking publicity and trying to encourage a public debate.

The Barbies that are shown here have different creators, sometimes they are made by two, often alone. They depict the changes that women can encounter during menopause.


At this moment, new design directions are being examined. I am also investigating how the production process of the Barbies can be accelerated.

Eight Barbies in menopause in the theme work, made for the congres ‘Work and Menopause’ on 23 March 2021

Below you see more Barbies in menopause

The making of

The Barbies in menopause are made in co-creation with: 

Ama Boahene

Marieke Kessels

Tessie Vilé 

Ellen Wagenvoort

Nicole Westerbeek

José van Zundert

Laura Martens (photography) 

Jacqueline van den Heuvel (photography)

Do you want to participate in this project and would you like to receive a ‘Do it yourself toolkit’, send me an email and I will contact you as soon as possible.