After working for more than 30 years for different major organisations in public health and higher education, it was time for new inspiration. I was 51 when I started a new study in september 2019: crossovercreativity at The HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. This is the portfolio that I designed in the past two years.

At the HKU I further developed my skills as a social designer and design researcher. My talent is to jump over borders to connect the world of design and creation with the world of public health, government or companies. As social designer I provide unique, innovative solutions for, and by users and stakeholders.

The combination of my organisational background, my years of experience in stimulating change processes in combination with my creative education at the HKU make me a unique quartermaster and changer.


Are you interested in a noncommittal acquaintance after reading this introduction? Below are my contact details. On my corporate website you can read more about my corporate offer and the possibilities.


Mobile: 0618184664


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