Menopause and music

Music is able to arouse emotions and unique perceptions. Even if someone is singing in another language, you may feel what somebody is trying to say with his or her music. Although you do not know the meaning of the words, the deeper meaning still comes to you, because the music tells you whether they are happy, sad or dramatic words. Since the development of different cultures, there have been¬†rhythmic sounds that were able to express feelings. Each era and each civilisation has known its own specific way of expression in different styles. Recently, scientific research has shown that music has an effect on our behaviour and state of mind. This is now being used for marketing purposes in for example supermarkets and other stores. I am building a ‘music-library’ that consists of improvisations on the menopause by different musicians. This way, I am trying to break trough the walls of silence that surround the menopause.

Bart van Rosmalen, improvisation on cello