Menopause and work: Lunch, Informal Meetup or Diner Pensant

The menopause as a stage of life of women between the age of 45 and 60 can have a big impact. Hot flashes, forgetfulness, insomnia, sweat attack and sadness are common effects. In the Netherlands there are 1.5 million working women who are actually in menopause, 80 percent of which experiences nuisance of the symptoms to a greater or lesser extent. Sometimes these effects become so serious that they (temporarily) quit. Thirty percent of the absence due to sickness among women of the age 45-60 is due to the menopause.

To start the conversation about the menopause at the workplace I designed the AbFabFlashes diner, informal gathering and lunch. At these events, a group women comes together to get informed of the menopause and to exchange experiences on this important stage in life in combination with (paid work), while enjoying delicious dishes. It is a multi-sensory concept: the dishes, the furnishing, the question menu and the music, everything hangs together. The purpose is 

to bring up an open conversation between women in which acknowledgment, recognition and mutual support are the core values.

The diner can only be done on-site, whereas the informal gathering and lunch can be done online as well.


Some quotes of the participants:

“Blissfully, how comforting to share this with each other and to know that you are not alone in this.”


“Everything was made with care: the dishes, the question menu and even the furnishing.”


“It is nice to break the walls of silence surrounding the menopause this way.”

There is a series of Barbies in the menopause on the theme work. Click here to see them.

There is also a game about the menopause, called Menomana. Click here for more information.